Discipline With Purpose

Discipline With Purpose LogoDiscipline With Purpose Program is used throughout the entire St. Agnes School community. The program focuses on the task of learning self -disciplined behaviors through the teaching of 15 self - discipline skills. Self- discipline involves the whole person: physical, social, spiritual, moral, intellectual, and emotional. Discipline With Purpose accommodates all facets of the whole person.  Skills are taught to children during appropriate periods of their growth and development. 15 skills are taught like any other curriculum. There are rules and consequences established throughout the school focusing on mastery of the self -discipline skills. When individuals agree on the behaviors expected of a self - disciplined person, they establish a framework for decision-making and conflict resolution. Skills are used, instead of personality traits, as the standard for evaluation of behaviors and bringing about constructive change. More information can be found at http://www.selfdisciplinedwp.com/.

Discipline With Purpose Skills

Skills are built upon and mastered at the following grade levels:


  1. Listen
  2. Follow instructions
  3. Ask questions when something is not understood
  4. Share
  5. Be trained in essentials of social skills

CONSTRUCTIVE / GRADES 3-5 (mastery of skills 1-5 while working on 6-10)

  1. Work cooperatively with others
  2. Understand and explain the reason for rules
  3. Select and develop procedures for accomplishing an objective
  4. Be trained to be a leader
  5. Learn the essentials of good communication skills

GENERATIVE / GRADES 6-8 (mastery of skills 1-10 while working on 11-15)

  1. Set their own schedules and time limits
  2. Work together to resolve problems
  3. Take initiative to resolve problems of mutual concern
  4. Distinguish fact from feeling
  5. Sacrifice from a motive of love