Intermediate (Gr. 3-5)


At St. Agnes, our academic curriculum is very important to our daily activities. We strive to provide a creative, well-rounded education that uses the Diocese of Phoenix standards as its guide. In each grade’s brochure at left, you will see its unique curriculum and how we at St. Agnes strive to provide the best for our students.

Our curriculum addresses the entire spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and intellectual being of a child.

Students will come into a fuller relationship with Christ and each other through retreats, Mass, daily prayer and participation in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Students will focus on our Carmelite charisms of prayer, community, and service and a special devotion to Mary throughout the school year.

Students’ social development will be fostered through various learning communities, our St. Agnes community and our larger Catholic community.

Students’ physical well being will be supported by structured routines and age appropriate transitions throughout the day.  Students will be provided with enrichment opportunities that emphasize the importance of wellness. Students will be encouraged to take risks by exploring new activities and projects in a variety of enrichment clubs.

Students will experience time and consistency for each content area, as well as build upon their prior knowledge. Students will have a team of educators servicing them, allowing for identification of potential strengths or weaknesses. Early intervention is key for healthy behavioral and/or academic development.

Students will have security in consistent, developmentally appropriate discipline and behavioral expectations that support intrinsic motivation.