Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Agnes is to assist families to follow Jesus Christ as brothers and sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As a Carmelite community, we strive to live in the presence of God serving the needs of the Church and each other in love.


“A true education aims at the formation of the human person with respect to his/her ultimate goal and simultaneously with respect to the good of those societies of which, as a man/woman, he/she is a member, and in those responsibilities, as an adult he/she will share.”

Christian Education #1       Document of Vatican II, 1965


The overall goal of St. Agnes is to deeply instill Christian values through daily spiritual development while teaching the value of service to our community. Students will develop strong academic skills through instruction at their individual ability level. The safety of every child is important; all guidelines for our Call to Protect (Safe Environment) will be strictly adhered to during every school activity.


  • To provide a variety of faith experiences and sound religious instruction based on the directive issued by the magesterium of the Church, and to foster a personal relationship with God
  • To provide high academic standards through a comprehensive, integrative course of studies immersed in Christian spirituality
  • To provide formative evaluation of students’ progress in order to ensure their personal, spiritual, and academic growth and the adaptation of instructional objectives according to students’ needs
  • To live by Christ’s example by stressing personal worth through word and action, to inspire confidence, acceptance, and respect for self and each other
  • To develop an appreciation for the Catholic faith and practice, as well as respect for other cultures, religions, nationalities, and legitimate lifestyles
  • To create and maintain a Christ centered family-like atmosphere of confidence, trust, and respect which will promote loving kindness
  • To teach Christian rational, intuitive, thinking that will empower students to become sensitive, caring, and moral members of society
  • To foster an open line of communication between home, school, and community that will enhance the integral growth of the whole child
  • To develop personal and social responsibility through class, school activities, and serving each other as Christ did
  • To provide creative outlets in written expression, music, art, drama, and athletics that develop an appreciation for the diversity evident in God’s creation