Welcome and thank you for your interest in St. Agnes Catholic Preschool. 

We are an Empower School licensed by Az Department of Health Services and a Quality First! Early Care & Education participant.

We understand that in the early years of life children are growing and developing at a rapid rate, following their own pace. Yet, through God’s divine plan of love, all children follow a path of development that begins with awareness of self and broadens to include an ever widening awareness of others and their surrounding environment.  

Here at St. Agnes Catholic Preschool we respect the child’s innate drive to explore, interact, construct, and contemplate. We value the child’s play, recognizing it is an important avenue for learning. Play is the child’s work, therefore, we prepare the learning environment, indoors and outdoors, in such a way to foster independence, creative thinking, perseverance, problem-solving, and self-regulation.  

Our classrooms are comfortable and welcoming, with well-defined spaces for block play, pretend play, art, science, literacy, music, math, and sensory activities.  We also prepare a contemplative environment, called the Atrium, where the children can come to “help themselves grow closer to God.”

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