Student Learning Expectations

By supporting the Catholic Church’s teachings on Social Justice, we will provide a faith-filled environment that promotes a love of life, respect for the environment and a desire to be a life-long learner. We want our students to be:

Active Catholics

Prayer - Trust in the Love of God

  • Attend Mass regularly
  • Are prayerful
  • Are Christ-like
  • Advocate for Corporeal and Spiritual Works of Mercy

Gracious and Giving Citizens

Service - Be the Good in Our World

  • Create a better earth through care of God’s gift
  • Leave things better than when found
  • Contribute to the better of the whole
  • Strive to be holy
  • Learn to reduce, reuse, and recycle

Novel Problem Solvers

Knowledge - Many Minds, One Mission

  • Are self-directed learners
  • Demonstrate a willingness to listen
  • Are team players
  • Actively participate in campus life
  • Respect others’ thoughts and ideas

Effective Communicators

Community - United in Christ

  • Utilize Discipline With Purpose Skills
  • Solve problems peacefully
  • Understand the concept of fact versus feeling
  • Agree to disagree
  • Use I statements

Self-Disciplined Individuals

Grace - See God in All Things

  • Practice Discipline With Purpose skills
  • Make good choices
  • Respect self through personal wellness, hygiene, and appearance